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Low Risk, High Return Opportunity To Work With Medical Clinics

Medical ClinicsMedical Supply

Detailed Information

Capital Required
Under S$50K
Brand Name
The Pain Relief Practice
Country of Origin
Years of Established
Above 10 years
Number of Outlet

Start a Medical Clinics, Medical Supply Franchise with The Pain Relief Practice


What we will offer:

-A established business system with low set-up cost, by avoiding renovation and rental cost

-Participation in a meaningful, high social impact health business

-A scalable business model to achieve high margins

-Fast payback period potentially under 6 months

-A technology-powered medical system to help people recover from muscle and joint pain, especially sports injuries and age-related joint degeneration & arthritis


People you will help:

-Everyone will suffer sports or accidental injuries at some point in life

-Almost everyone past 40 years of age suffers from some aches and pain, that can get worse with time if ignored and untreated

-Many have parents with long-term, poorly treated pain despite standard answers


How our solution is different:

-Many people want to avoid the side effects of painkillers and risks of surgery

-Many people are tired of being told to lose weight and to exercise which takes too much personal effort

-Some people are not comfortable going to the gym, pilates or yoga studio

-Many people are fed up of repetitive massages, acupuncture, chiropractic, and even physiotherapy where treatments can take months

-Many are also wary of alternative providers that are unlicensed, unproven, or have a questionable reputation


We enable you to provide a professional solution that is safe, effective, and quick.

Ideal partners:

-Should comfortably have $25k to $50k to participate in the business

-Interest in business, management or health & fitness

-Able to hire and manage 1 to 2 employees

-Have an investment horizon of at least 12 months

-Comfortable with a potential payback period of between 4 to 6 months


 If this is you, do send us a message.


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